Terms and conditions

By Accepting the terms and conditions you agree to the following Terms & Conditions.
You only pay us a onetime given cost for the plugin which is non refundable.
This plugin has been tested with WordPress default theme Twentyseventeen along with the top 6 forms plugins( with their versions available at the time of release ) and works successfully:
1-Contact Form 7
2-User Registration -User Profile, Membership and More
3-Ultimate Member
4-Profile Builder -User registration & user profile
5-Profile Press

We have already tested the plugin with top 6 forms, however we cannot guarantee that it will work for you in your site because, sometimes the theme or other plugins that you are using may not be compatible with our plugin.
For this reason we suggest you to try our free plugin first. If it works for you then , you should go for the premium one.
If for some reason this plugin does not work for you there could be following reasons:
1-You have not entered the form selectors correct
2-Check the Auth key
3-Check which route are you using OTP route or transactional route, the free plugin only supports otp route , while the premium plugin supports both.
4-Test this plugin with WordPress default theme Twentyseventeen, if it works with twentyseventeen, but not with your plugin , It means it is not compatible with your plugin.
5-Watch the plugin tutorial videos and make sure you have filled all necessary inputs from the backend.
6-If it still not works, you have an option to go for the Pro Version with Customization where we will speak with you over the Hangout/ Skype/ Zoom/ Team Viewer and you can screen share and explain us your exact requirements. Once we know all of your requirements, we will let you know the estimate cost ( min ₹ 1000/ $15 ) and the time it would take to make a customized plugin for you.
You will also get all the features of the pro plugin in this , which means you don’t have to pay extra for those features.